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Miles Bellar

multiple roles

CASTING: SHORT AMAZON PRIME FILM, “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” -Comedy-
DATES: March 20th and 21st, for the younger roles we can talk about other dates if those do not work
THE FILM: After their girlfriends break up with them two slackers finally begin to rethink what to do with their lives.
LOCATION: Crestwood Kentucky, located in Louisville, Kentucky
CHARACTERS: The Roles we are looking for now are:
Chad- one of the main characters old high school friends who ends up showing up in the film to show off what he did after high school. Spoiled kid who thinks he is better than everyone. Needs to be around 19-29, caucasian.
Young Miles. Need a young version of one of the main people in the flick. He needs to be around 10-14, caucasian and have red hair
Young Finn. Need a young version of one of the main people in the flick. He needs to be around 10-14 and African American
CAMERA CREW: Need some help with shooting the project, cinematographers and camera operators!
OTHER WORK AND OR ABOUT ME: Just made “tears of the clown” a feature film now on amazon prime! Have also made numerous shorts over the past few months, last short “the thing” played at the “training reels film festival” at Village 8 theatres. Local filmmaker. Heres some links too my recent work:

“tears of the clown”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pF2O8rgMJAY “The thing”

COMPENSATION: unpaid, but will provide food when filming, a IMDB credit, project will be on Amazon Prime Video and be submitted to festivals.
CONTACT: You can reach me best via email

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