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Devon Watz

2 female roles 18-21

The Woods
SETTING : Two childhood friends hanging out until Anna finds out about Carlys “secret” boyfriend. She keeps him secret so no one can tell crazy stories about him to ruin the relationship but little did she know he had other plans … Anna ends up talking to carlys boyfriend but at this point Carly knows nothing ! Here’s where we start filming.
Carly finds out and stay tuned…
Small rehearsal : 09/10/21 Not shooting this day , we’re just going to rehearse, I’m letting you guys kinda see where we’re actually going to be shooting at, and get kind of a read for the place.
Shooting dates: 09/17/21 (for right now ) This will be the shooting day ! (Hopefully it doesn’t rain).
Wardrobe: Anna and Carly would be wearing jeans and a cute top
ALSOOO heather and Anna (phone scenes) would be wearing maybe joggers ? Or your comfy night night clothes.
on 09/14/21 we’re gonna meet up and take the Cover photo for the short and the location ❤️
My new company is just me so catering and dressing rooms I don’t have sorry 😞😞
I’m also looking to extend my film team !! So if you know or are a camera man hmu I could use you on this project ❤️❤️
ANNA (18-21) – The sweet innocent girl no one expects to do bad things but occasionally she feels like she can get away with it! She dresses kinda Suductively but doesn’t come off that way to other women. But for men she’s all they want!
Carly (18- 21) – your average working teen , has the job and the boy so she feels her world is complete. But when she finds out annas secret she snaps and is no longer “average” Anna had to go !
Iv been trying to get this film done all year , but circumstances from my life and tragic things just kept happening and still continues but in order to get myself out of this I need to do every I love ! So here I am ❤️
Unfortunately I can’t pay right now but hopefully sometime in the future something works out to where I can ❤️❤️.
(Below is an example of the film, these two actresses were great ! One just had to cancel so here we are )

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