Caleb Swortzel

Male and Female 8-35

A Caleb Production
Non-Paid / Non-Union
Title: Mateus
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Coming of age
Director: Caleb Pimpo
Producer: Caleb Swortzel
Audition: Video Audition
Shooting Dates: November 13, 14, & 15th
Location: VA Beach/Norfolk Area
Synopsis: “To us kids the adventure is real”
Rediscover the joy of imagination again with Mateus. A boy whose parents are going through a rough patch. One day when he is forced to get off of his video game and play outside, Mateus imagines himself as an adventuring fantasy knight named Sir Mateus. Through the power of his imagination, Mateus is able to cope with his family’s fighting and reconcile with them.
Mateus: age 8-10. A bright eyed, optimistic young boy with a vast imagination. This is his story.
Sir Mateus: age 20-30s. The way Mateus sees himself in his imagination. An adult with a full beard. A noble knight on a quest to get the King and Queen back together.
Marcus: age 12-14. Mateus’ older bully, of a brother who learns to work with his younger brother.
Mother: age 30-35. Mateus and Marcus’ mother. A loving woman who wants her family to get along.
Kid 1: age 12-14 A kid who bullies Mateus.
Kid 2: age 12-14 A kid who bullies Mateus.

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