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Derrick Gardner

various roles

Draft –
Hello all!
@derrick gardner has a written a comedic short film and is looking to cast for parts.
Synopsis: a woman down in the dumps and is met with a few over the top characters, including an overly Happy Guy, who show her that life is more than past miseries.
Pola – down and out and despising life
Friend – Pola’s friend from high school
Sassy Nun – Life is more than all that
Narrator/Musician – Tells it as it is
Happy Guy – Pola’s said nemesis
There is need of added background players without lines, but are still important to the story. Business men, nuns, added café patrons, and servers.
This is a non-paid project, but there will be IMDB credit and will be entered into festivals.
Shooting dates for a weekend in June (max 3 day shoot).

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