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CRUEL SUMMER, the upcoming “80’s slasher flick” from Scott Tepperman & Jim O’Rear of LOS BASTARDZ PRODUCTIONS, is still seeking actors/actresses for a few roles in this feature film currently well into pre-production and scheduled to start filming in the North Florida area Jan/Feb 2021.
This is NOT a SAG project.
The characters we need are listed below with a brief description. THESE ARE UNPAID ROLES, but you will be seen in an internationally released movie and credited accordingly. Please review the character list and pay attention to the brief descriptions. If you feel that you are the right fit for a particular character (or set of characters) please email (DO NOT Facebook message) Scott Tepperman a current photograph of yourself along with a resume, if possible. The photograph does NOT have to be a professional headshot but it does need to be CURRENT and it does need to LOOK LIKE YOU (basically, what you would look like if you walked into our office off of the street today). PREVIOUS ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED, so if you do not have a professional acting resume then briefly tell us about yourself and what talents you have. You should also mention in the email which characters you want to be considered for.
DO NOT submit for characters that you do not fit the description of and pay attention to which character(s), if any, may require nudity. If you are unwilling to act as a character that requires nudity, please do not apply for that character.
DO NOT send multiple emails. If we feel that you may fit a role in this production we will respond with another set of simple instructions on what you need to do to move on to the next step in the audition process.
Thanks for your interest – and good luck to everyone submitting!
Jim & Scott
– Los Bastardz Productions –
(Lead) HEATHER – Female. Early/mid 20s. Attractive. Brainy. Responsible college student.
(Lead) BARBARA – Female. Early/mid 20s. Attractive. Promiscuous. Party girl. College student. – NUDITY REQUIRED
(Lead) FELISSA – Female. Early/mid 20s. Average looking. Bland college student.
(Lead) ROBERT – Male. Early/mid 20s. Attractive. Jock. Party animal. College student.
(Supporting) TONY – Male. Early/mid 20s. Scrawny build.
(Minor) YOUNG MOTHER – Female. Early/mid 20’s. NO LINES

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