Chris Lee Burton

multiple roles

Dark patriot casting call.


We are set to begin filming Dark Patriot on June 20th-21st in Northern arizona.

We are in need of these characters for the pilot.

Filming will be every other Friday – Sunday for a few weeks.

Attached below are the characters needed.

Dark patriot “PILOT”

Casting call

DR. Han-
Male, late 40’s- Early 50’s, Asian ethnicity.
pilot episode only appearance.

Sienna David-
Female, Reporter, mid 20’s-30’s. Any race.
Will be featured more throughout the series.

Henry west-
Male, Reporter, late mid to late 40’s.

Sophie lane-
Female, Early 20’s, Amy race

Kiara west-
Female, late 60’s early 70’s. Any race
Only appearance pilot.

Henry Cole-
Male, Late 40’s, – up corrupt billionaire, brutal, relentless. Two episodes in 1st season.

Phoenix police officers Kirk and Jeff long-
Brothers, late 20’s early 30’s. Any race.

Katya and Igor Yukov-
Father and daughter.
Igor- 50’s, lanky, skinny
Katya- late 20’s, Early 30’s, beautiful, Caucasian. Blonde or red head.

Justin Walsh-
Male, 23yrs old, any race

Hector Ruiz-
Male, Mexican or Spanish decent, 40’s. USMC first lieutenant.

Female, 50’s-60’s, African American

Teen boy-
13-15 yrs old, pilot only appearance

Innocent bystander-
Male, 40’s, killed off in pilot.

3 male kidnappers-
40’s, would like if these actors have stunt fight appearance.

Male, 30’s, rich, arrogant.

Various henchmen-
Ages from late 20’s-30’s- have fight experience.

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