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  • Queens, Ny
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Zoe Stuckless

LGBTQ+ 18+

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Hey folks!
I’m working on a short film right now and we’re casting one final role- I wanted to extend an invitation to any Queer members of this group to submit! (With an entirely Queer cast, writer and director, we are searching for Queer applicants for this role.)
Nuos is a surreal short film exploring fragmentation of identity within the context of Queer experience. Nuos explores alienation from identity and a metaphorical fusing of the disjointed parts of oneself into a complete whole, asking the question- can we find divinity in things that are imperfect?
The role we’re casting is Janus, a genderless and expansive being. There is no start or end to their life, they have simply always been, and have seen endless lives come and go. (As an eternal being, their perception on life and living would certainly be interesting to hear.) Simultaneously aloof and approachable, they are ultimately a good humored and compassionate figure. They are the living embodiment of divinity in Queerness. They also enjoy a strong cup of coffee.
The production has a small crew of folks that work consistently in film and TV, who are collaborating mostly for fun and to build out film reels (code for the good ol’ “no pay” caveat).
The project is filming on July 9-10th in Queens and Long Island. Transportation will be provided!

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