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make a video of you telling your story and share it

Do YOU have a connection to the Mesa Temple and Early Church History in Arizona?
We want to hear about it!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is producing new videos to be used in the new Mesa Temple Visitors Center to help visitors learn about the history of the Church in Arizona, the building of the Mesa Temple, and its importance in lives of church members. We are looking for anyone (especially YSAs) who are descendants of early saints who settled Arizona to share their ancestors’ stories. More specifically:
Descendants of Thomas Kane, who were involved with early colonization efforts in Eastern Arizona (around 1873)
Descendants of Danial Webster Jones, Henry Clay Rogers, Francis Margin Pomeroy, Charles Crismon, George Warren, Charles I. Robson, Spencer W. Kimball, Helena Rosenberry
Descendants of the first saints to settle in the Salt River Valley (metro Phoenix) around 1877.
Descendants of early Native American converts living in or near the Salt River Valley (1870-1920)
Descendants of saints who were members of the first ward in Phoenix in 1912.
Descendants of saints who traveled the “Honeymoon Trail” to St. George to be married (prior to the dedication and opening of the Mesa Temple)
Descendants of anyone involved with early fund-raising efforts, construction or who attended the dedication of the Mesa Arizona Temple (1927)
Descendants of anyone who traveled from Mexico (or Central/South America) to the newly dedicated Mesa Temple to participate in temple work (1940-1983)
Non-member descendants of key historical figures connected to the history of the area and time period.

Help us share your family story with the world! Even if you don’t know many details, we want to hear from you!
Click here to fill out a form:
(You can make a video of you telling your story and share it on the form, or you can type it in.)

Please share this with others who have stories to tell!

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