Cousins Film and Television Production Company

Males and Females 18-24

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Cousins film and television production company is looking for someone new to NYC to be part of a docu-follow TV series about the real lives of aspiring young New Yorkers as they work, play, make up and break up, and pioneer today’s culture, all against the backdrop of downtown.
We’re looking for a character who is new to NYC — someone who is navigating the city for the first time and finding their place within it – chasing big dreams and charting their own path. Candidates do not need to live downtown – they can be based anywhere in the city or any borough, it’s about identifying with the culture and history of downtown NYC.
You must be:
-New to NYC or moving in early 2022
-Youth, ages 18 – 24 (must be 18+)
-Open to sharing access to their personal lives
-All genders, ethnicities, backgrounds
-All types of creative people, occupations, interests

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