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Laray Productions LLC

Males and Females 10+

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LaRay Productions, LLC CASTING CALL for opening roles for upcoming dramatic series.
Production title: Ties That Bind: The Series
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Dramatic Series
Location: Surrounding areas within DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia)
Genre: Drama
Shooting Dates: October 2021 – TBD
IDMB Credits
Meals Included
Families with immeasurable separate lives crash in entangling accounts of everyday life battles and reclamation.
Zoom information will be sent with audition dates and time. Auditions are scheduled in 30 minute blocks. Auditions are done by improvisation with casting director.
Casting information (Seeking additional roles), please read
Bella – (Any Ethnicity) Age Range: 21-25: Bella is a young woman who likes to overly confident and likes to party
Tami – (Any Ethnicity) Age Range: 21-25: Tami is a young woman who is flirtatious and an attention seeker
Garvin – (Any Ethnicity) Age Range: 21-25: Garvin is a player with a big appetite to get as many women as he can
Harvey – (Any Ethnicity) Age Range: 21-25: Harvey is a clean cut smooth talking guy
Joyce – (AA) Age Range 25 & Up: Joyce is a work colleague and encouraging friend of Sheila
Ms. Jenkins – (AA) Female – Age Range 40 & Up: Ms. Jenkins is a nosy next door neighbor that is in everybody’s business
News Reporter – (Any Ethnicity) Female – Age Range: 25 & Up
Officer Zeke – (AA) Male –Age Range: 25 & Up; Zeke is an arrogant, smart mouthed cop who don’t know his limits.
Jason – (AA) Male – Age Range: 18 – 21, college basketball player who finds himself caught between supporting his girlfriend through her struggle with a past incident or moving on without her.
Paul – (AA) Male – Age Range: 16 & Up – Corner boy for street dealer
Extras (Speaking/Non Speaking Roles)
Paparazzi #1 – (Any Ethnicity) Male – Age Range: 25 & Up
Paparazzi #2 – (Any Ethnicity) Female – Age Range: 25 & Up
Paparazzi #3 – (Any Ethnicity) Female – Age Range: 25 & Up
Store Clerk – (Any Ethnicity) Female – Age Range: 25 & Up
Chauffer – (Any Ethnicity) Male – Age Range: 25 & Up
Security Guards – (Any Ethnicity) Male – Age Range: 21 & Up
Young Niecy (AA) Age Range 10 – 12; Dramatic young girl who struggles with a secret
Police Officers (Any Ethnicity) Male & Female – Age Range: 25 & Up
Correctional Officer (Any Ethnicity) Male – Age Range: 25 & UP

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