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Varun Chharia

Males 18-23

Hello everyone!!
I am casting for a short narrative/experimental film for my Advance Cinematography class at UVA and I am looking to cast a male lead. This will be shot on an ARRI Alexa Mini and it’s directed/cinematography will be by me, Varun Chharia. This is an unpaid, non-union film, but food will be provided!
The film: After he struggles with his anxiety, a musically inclined college male student (18-23s) goes to his Art classroom where he starts creating music out of non-musical objects.
The focus of this film is to show how art can be therapeutic and how it’s a way to be expressive.
No acting experience is required. Majority of this film is through action and only one or two lines of dialogue.
If interested in interviewing, please email Varun Chharia ([email protected]) for a Zoom interview. I’m really looking to understand why you’re interested in acting in this project and what new perspective you can bring to the role. If you have a reel, resume or headshots, feel free to send those, but they’re not required in any way. Please email me to schedule an interview by November 17th at the latest.
The goal is to shoot the film in Charlottesville from December 3-5th. It will be filmed at Ruffin Hall at UVA’s studio room. Please email me back with any conflicts during those shoot days. Not expecting to film the entire three days, but will try to plan around your schedule during those days.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and getting the opportunity to meet you.
Thank you,
Varun Chharia

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