Ian Cherico

Males and Females 18+

Looking for 2 background extras!!
Non-paid non-union non-speaking role
Preferably opposite genders.
The scene takes place in an art gallery. Your role will be Art Gallery Patrons in the background of the scene.
You will be receiving credits, and you are allowed to use this for any acting reel.
Whoever is chosen along with you will be your “partner/significant other” in the scene. If you want to invite your real life significant other as the other patron alongside you, it might make it easier for you, it’ll definitely make it easier for me so be my guest!
The date of filming will be this Friday and Saturday (4th and 5th) specific times will come very soon.
The incentive is if you want to hang out on set, grab some free snacks maybe even a free lunch with us on our break both days and celebrate the wrap of the film on Saturday!

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