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Jack Vohn

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Hello everyone. Director Kim Johnson from KJ Productions is directing a film called Convicted. It’s story about a troubled youth named Tony Jefferson growing up from a Christian family who has arrested for murder. This film also deals with spiritual warfare. Will Jesus set Tony free from the prison of sin? Or will the demon hold his soul hostage! Only God knows.
Here is the Character Breakdown list:
Caleb Franklin –African American male, age 30- 40 (Viper)former gang leader. Caleb’s parents did not believe in God, so he never attended church and knew little of God. His parents lived life as they saw fit and taught Caleb to do the same. Caleb joined a gang at the age of eleven, sold drugs, robbed people, shot three people by the age of sixteen and became a gang leader by the age of eighteen. At the age of twenty, he was arrested and sent to prison where another prisoner testified to him about Jesus and he accepted Jesus as his savior. Caleb witnesses Tony about the love of Christ and encourages him to leave the gang but for Tony, it is not an easy thing to do.
Jade Franklin- African American female, 27-30 (non-gang member) Caleb wife raised in the church all her life and is a schoolteacher.
Daphne Chambers – African American female, age 16, Tony’s girlfriend, who loves church and singing in the choir. Gets good grades in school, lives with both her mother and father and is the only child in her family. She is shy outside of the church, she is very active in church and is old fashioned.
Big Dog – African American male, age30- 35 (Gang Lord). Big Dog is the largest Gang Lord in the state. He has the largest gang membership deals drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, murders and more. He is nice looking, ruthless, and thoughtless.
Marvin Donavan (Cadillac) -African American male, Age 25, better known as Cadillac(Gang Leader). He lived with his grandmother who took him to church. At the age of 14, she became ill at which time Marvin prayed for her, but she died, and he was placed in a foster home where he was neglected and abused. He stopped believing in God after that. Cadillac is heartless and ruthless. His mother was an alcoholic, his father was a gang leader, dope dealer, and was killed by arrival gang member in prison. Cadillac and Tony have been friends for several years and are jealous of Tony and Caleb’s friendship.
Evil Demon/Salen -(Any Ethnicity – male age 21 to 50)Sent by Satan to destroy Tony’s life and his family. He also looks like a man named Salen Pit and tries to seduce Asia.
Pastor Bent Jones – African American male, age 40 to 60. Holiness preacher, a widower, whose wife died four years after he started pastoring their church God’s Holy United Church. Before pastoring Jones was a teacher in the public-school system and worked with youth in several different programs, but Tony and his family were his most difficult case. He remembered how Tony used to sing in the choir, but now he likes being a gang member. Pastor Jones knows that if God does not intervene Tony and all his family could be lost.
Sammy Staples (Blaze) – (age 22 to 35) an African American male a rival gang leader of Cadillac and Caleb is known for setting fires. Sammy wants to prove to Big Dog that he is a better man and leader than Cadillac and that he has a much better gang than Cadillac gang.
John Pruitt(Sticks) – African American male, age 25-45, Frank Pickmen right hand man back in the day, known as (Sticks) for his skillful drum playing, Nunchucks and Rattan Sticks skills.
Principal /Mr. Wiggins – age 50-60 – (white or black male) Principal of Gray Academy a school for problem students that is on watch by the state for closure.
Zee Watson -Any Ethnic group, age 19, is Daphne Chambers best friend they have known each other since childhood and attends the same church and all three girls do almost everything together. However, Zee is very protective of Daphne and thinks of her as her younger sister. She is very strong-minded and skillful in martial arts.
Rose Harris –Daphne Chamber friend, African American female, age 17, who loves church and singing in the choir. An average student in school, lives with both parents and has six other siblings in her family. She is active in sports.
Jackie Jackson (J. J.) – Female gang, Any Ethnic Group age 19, Mo friend, a bully who likes to fight. Has very low I.Q. loyal, does not like church or church people.
Dynasty Michaels (Dee) – Female gang, Any Gender or Ethnic Group age 19-23, Mo friend, dishonest, disrespectful, and cowardly. Thinks she is as good of a leader as Mo is and she is always trying to prove it.
Defense Attorney (Ms. K. Jackson) –age 40 – 50, white female – Graduated from law school with average grades, run-of-the-mill looking woman, she is often confused, low self-esteem, but when she is pushed hard enough, she will fight like a tiger.
Detective Hoffman – age 28-30 black or white male – Not as serious about his job, thinks he is a ladies’ man, jokes around a lot. Hoffman thinks Dax is too serious about everything.
Detective Dax – Age 40-47 black or white male – Very serious about his job, thinks Hoffman plays around too much on the job and thinks he is not ready to be a cop.
Gang Members:
Pete Henley – age 16-18, black male Gang member, Cadillac’s right number #1 teen.
Seth– age 16-17, black or white male Gang Member, Cadillac’s right number #2 teen.
Mac – age 15-16, black or white male Gang Member
Jaylen- age 17-18, black or white male Gang Member
12 – 14 Extra Gang Members(ages 15 to 18) any ethnicity
Police Officer Scott (ages 30 to 50) black or white male
Police Officer Conner (ages 30 to50) black or white male
Deputy Sheriff Howard (ages 30 to50) black or white male
Courtroom Officer (ages 30 to 50) any ethnicity male or female
Court Stenographer (ages 30 to 50) any ethnicity male or female
All Middle School Students
Red – age 14-15 1/2, black male school bully, he always causes trouble.
Jake –ages 12 to 14 white or black male, a good boy who is a friend of Javonte and Malik who often gets talked into things he later regrets.
Cherry Potts -Walker/Witness ages 12 to 14 any ethnicity
Kat– Older sister of Stacey and the new gang female member recruited by
Chi West. (ages 12 to 14 black or white male)
Amari (ages 12 to 14 black male)
Mary (ages 12 to 14 white or black female)
Wynter (ages 12 to 14 black female)
Tina (ages 12 to 14 white female)
Key (ages 12 to 14 black female)
Monica (ages 12 to 14 black or Hispanic female)
Stacey – younger sister, a new member of the gang. (ages 12 to 14 any ethnicity)
Jurors – Different Ages, Gender and Ethnic Groups ages 21 to 60
Jury Foreperson (Sam Little)Juror
***EXTRAS – Different Ages, Gender and Ethnic Groups 6 to 60
 Thank you, hope to see you soon.

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