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Joseph Nga

Males and Females 18+

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The comic “The Legend of Wazal” made by the Cameroonian fashion designer @josephayissinga, will be adapted to cinema 🎥
There is an ongoing casting for all the characters of the comic. The story is all about culture folklore, fashion, and so on. @josephayissinga is located in 🇫🇷 France so the film will be released in French (France) and English (United–States). Because a character can hide another one, there will be a preliminary casting for adapting the comic into audio or even for the release of the film (excluding the comic).
We are looking for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. No acting experience is required.
You are invited to discover the comic by clicking on the link below. So that you could understand the frame of comic and choose which character matches your personality. If you don’t find out, apply anyway, there will definitely be a role for you.😊
Good Luck and tell a friend to talk about it to another friend…
See you soon!
Non-exhaustive list of the comic’s profiles ❗
The tribe of King Wazal:
– King Wazal: son of King Wazalion (Main character, you must also speak in English)
– Wazalion: son of Wazalking and father of Wazal and Wazalstyle
– Wazalking: father of Wazalion
– Wazalstyle: wazal’s step brother
– Wazallionne : Wazal’s wife
– Wazaliane: Wazalking’s wife and mother of Wazalion – protective and magical fabric
– Wazaldringo: the ancestor
– Wazalcien: the elders
– Wazall’âme: wazal sword
Bantoutator Tribe
– Marie: Bantoutator’s wife
– Bantoutator: Bantou warrior and Wazalion’s friend
Mécanikator Tribe
– Mécanikators: neighboring tribes – men with a mixture of gladiator and terminator mechanics
Futurator Tribe
– Futurator: neighboring tribes: bad people
Margueritator Tribe
– Margeritator: half human half flower women, inspired by a daisy flower
Toureiffelysée Tribe
– Toureiffelysée : A mix between Eiffel tour and Champs Elysées

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