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Marla Hartfield Cox

various roles

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Hello actors! We are looking to fill 3-4 male roles for the first read-through of a play, details are below. Saturday, February 26th at 2pm. Please feel free to send your info to the contact below or if you have questions you can reach out to me directly. Thank you!
GREETINGS ACTORS. Can you help us? Thank you for taking a look.
SEEKING: Actors of color for ensemble play reading, multiple roles.
PROJECT: Private ZOOM table Reading of a New Play, THAT DOOR, based on a book, to improve the script in preparation for production at a later date.
PRODUCERS: Irene Huston, Sabrina Huston, Hester Schell
GENRE: Faith Based Drama, Christian/Black Church
LOG LINE: A shattered soul recovers from child sexual abuse through faith, forgiveness and service to others in this true story of God’s intervention to heal us.
SYNOPSIS: Sexually abused at a very young age, followed by motherhood at 16, Carmen’s trauma affects every aspect of her life and mental health: school, work, motherhood, intimacy, self-esteem. Under soul crushing PTSD, she attempts suicide. The healing begins when the light of the Lord, Jesus Christ, gives her a path forward, literally steering her car off the road, twice. By forgiving her abusers and making a commitment to help other victims she becomes a whole human being. A true story of human triumph, faith and healing.
AUTHOR: Reverend Irene Huston, 80, lives in Oakland, California. Her ministry focuses on helping other victims recover from this horror. For more information about Rev. Huston and her book, please use this link.
CO-PLAYWRIGHT: Hester Schell, MFA is an award winning director, producer and author. She published the Bay Area Casting News from 1995 to 2015 and taught acting at various schools around the Bay Area. She is the author of Casting Revealed: A Guide for Film Directors, now in it’s 2nd edition. http://www.hesterschellcreative.com. LinkedIN, IMDB.
SCHEDULE: No rehearsal. We are looking at Saturday, February 26th in the afternoon. We’ll need about 4 hours. CHARACTERS:
CARMEN. Age 6 – 50. Beautiful. Tall, smart. Emotionally withdrawn, depressed. Suffers PTSD. Played by multiple actors.
OLDER CARMEN. Age 50. Narrates. This role will remain in the hands of one performer.
LANGSTON. Age 25 – 50. Carmen’s husband. A playboy, Navy man and father of Carmen’s 3 additional kids. Adulterer.
UNCLE JACK. Aged 35. Pedophile, abuser, war veteran with PTSD and a taste for little girls.
CHARLIE. Aged 7 – 17. Carmen’s brother. Learns a lot from his Uncle.
JEFFREY: Aged 30. Charismatic, handsome, a gentleman.
JASON. Charlie’s friend. Father of Carmen’s 1st child.
FAMILY: Carmen’s parents, grandmother, aunt, sister
MAYA, ELYSE. Two church ladies. Aged 25-45. Devoted to the cause.
PAY: No pay for this first reading.

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