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Draper Historic Theatre

prepare to sing 32 bars of a Broadway song in the style of show

Director: Mindy Eckroth
Assistant Director: Melissa Van Dam
Music Director: Joe DeSisto

Evening performances will be @ 7:30pm on September 11,12,14,18,19,21,25,26
Matinees will be @ 2pm on 19 & 26th.

Auditions will be accepted from August 4th until 10pm August 8th

AUDITION DETAILS: To minimize social gathering we will be holding our auditions virtually! Please complete the Google Form below with all the requested information. The video of your audition can either be uploaded directly (up to 100MB) or attached via a link (e.g. YouTube).

WHAT TO PREPARE: Auditioners are asked to prepare to sing 32 bars of a Broadway song in the style of the show. Please no A Capella singing. Please find the karaoke or minus track without singing. We want to hear your voice, not the voice of the artist who recorded the song!

FOEVER PLAID is about High school pals Sparky, Jinx, Smudge, and Francis – “The “Plaids” – who are just four nice young men who love singing harmony. They practice in the basement of Smudge’s family’s plumbing supply company and dream about success! When the Plaids are killed in a car accident on the way to their first big gig, the young men linger in limbo until various “astro-technical” phenomena allows them to return to Earth to perform their final concert! With a warm and clever book by Stuart Ross, Forever Plaid is a delightful, mischievous, and unashamedly heartwarming homage to the sweet and innocent sounds of the ’50s and the ’60s, and features harmonically spectacular orchestrations of popular hits such as “Three Coins in the Fountain,” “16 Tons,” and “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing”.

FRANCIS He is the leader of the group. He has the most confidence. He takes care of his fellow PLAIDS and makes sure that everyone knows what is supposed to happen next. This includes the audience. He has asthma, which acts up whenever numbers are too fast or the choreography too energetic. He has a great deal of compassion for the music and the group. Francis is a Second Tenor.

SPARKY He is the comic engine of the show, but this class clown is shown to have heart. He is always looking for ways to crack jokes. He is very sharp and loves singing his tailor-made solos. He wears a retainer and has a slight speech impediment. Sparky is a Baritone.

JINX The shy one. He is terrified. He doesn’t always remember what song comes next or what the next move is. He lives his life terrified – by the end of the show sheds his fears to become a star. The others are very protective of him. He is Sparky’s step-brother and there is a little step-sibling rivalry going on between them. He occasionally gets a nose bleed when he sings above an A. Jinx is a Tenor.

SMUDGE He is the worrier. He worries about the props, about the running order and always assumes that the audience won’t like him. He has a chronic nervous stomach. He is very reluctant to perform. He is also dyslexic when it comes to telling his left foot from his right. His name is Smudge because he is left-handed and he would smudge the page every time he wrote. He is stuck in the ‘would’ve, should’ve, could’ve syndrome’. He bowls us over with his sheer stage presence, good looks and musical prowess. Smudge is a Bass.

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