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g4 TV

male and female gamers/nerd culture experts to host shows

G4TV Casting Call

G4TV, the original gaming, tech and entertainment network is searching for funny, talented, funny, charismatic, and funny gamers and content creators to join us. We’re looking for big personalities with unique voices to be a part of the network’s highly anticipated relaunch next year. Don’t know what G4 was? No problem! All you need to know is it was really cool, got canceled for dumb reasons, and is now coming back better than ever.

Specifically we are looking for exciting male and female gamers/nerd culture experts to host multiple shows on the new network. Candidates should be skilled in the arcane arts of video games, competitive video games, the internet, pop culture, and have great comedic…timing. This is not a solo campaign, you must work well off others. Folks with experience as content creators and as producers is a plus. Having a specialty area of expertise in the geek space is a double plus.

If you think you have the raw animal charisma to be a part of G4’s next generation of talent – we want to hear from you! Please submit your name, location, photo, gaming/tech/geekdom bio and links to social + any online related content –

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