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Ganja Society

Please see description for more character description.

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Synopsis –

“Ganja Society ” is a modern dark comedy/drama set in present day, Oakland Ca.  This story is inspired by true character stories.  This story encompasses an organic feeling and struggles of real social issues currently taking place in Oakland. The story addresses today’s social issues of unemployment, gentrification, diversity, and daily struggles of middle class Americans and provides a different perspective of two different cultures.  It provides an in-depth look at the corporate culture of high stress, long hours, cooperate commitment and then a lay off without any explanation.   The cooperate culture clashes with the urban community of Oakland in an underground music “kick-it.”  Both parties become educating in the opposite culture and realize there all humans with struggles, fears, and rejections.  They make a human connection through expressing their struggles which allowed the layers to peel and the real human to venture out.

It’s fast pace story will keep the audience engage.  The script eliminates the non emotional value of why “it happened” and focuses on the emotional part of “it’s happening” and how to move forward with all the emotions of anger, betrayal, and confusion and transitions the emotions to acceptance, happiness and understanding

The story takes place in 1 day, 3 locations and therefore can be shot in a micro budget. This story focuses on real human struggles.  The theme of this story is man vs himself.  The tone of the story is intimate, inviting and humorous, but a serious undertone, intermixed with a warm welcoming “feel good” aspect.  As the story unfolds the pace will build and character development will evolve creating an emotional experience for the viewer.  The mood throughout the film is light, refreshing with vibrant colors.

The Genre is comedy/drama.  The drama is created by true story of the broken America we currently live in.  The comedy is generated by the innocence of the character’s and the choices they make in life.

The targeted audience is a wide range of demographics.  All generations, ethnicity and gender will be able to relate to this story because it focuses on current broken America of the middle class. The film will evoke each individual viewer on a personal level.  The audience may find themselves thinking critically about the current social economic issues and status.

Below are the cast needed:

Bella ( supporting cast) –mid to late twenties female, graduated from UC Berkeley with honors.  She graduated over a year ago and still struggles to find a job.  Bella is highly street smart however fails to understand the professional world.  She struggles with defining herself with a professional identity as her attire consist of T-shirts and over sized slack pants.  She might occasionally use the “F” word in interviews when she becomes frustrated.   She feels her potential is underestimated due to her ethnicity. She is threatened by Emma’s presence when she first meets Emma.  However as ACT II progress Bella see’s a vulnerable, lost and innocent young women who struggles with her own insecurities, emotions and fears.  She then connects with Emma and shows her how to enjoy her time in the “kick-it.”

NILES (Lead)– mid to late thirties female.  She has a robust and caring personality.  She’s charming, tenacious and ambitious.  Growing up she sold drugs on the street, and after having her kids she cleaned up.  She’s been married to her wife for 4 years with 2 kids. She works as a Rideshare driver and financially struggles and lives pay check to pay check.  Internally she struggles with her wife’s pursuit of a real job and her dream of becoming a musician / singer.    Her wife does not support her music career.   She’s in the process of opening a Janitorial business however struggles to raise 5k.  Her goal is to become a musician with a sustainable income, with a side janitorial business, and not to return back to the streets.  In real time she struggles with the fear of going back to the streets as the current broken America provides her with no resource to move up in life and create brighter future for her family.

Every 6 months she attends a music “Kick -it” in Oakland Ca, where producer come to seek new and raw talent.  Local musicians throughout California share their music and ideas.   Her objective is to drop Emma off at her destination and attend the “kick-it.”  However due to the bridge being closed she convinces Emma to attend the “kick – it” with her.

In her journey to the “kick-it” she realizes Emma has not been exposed to the street life , weed or  alcohol.  She instructs Emma to stay close to her, as the “kick – it” will take 30 minutes.   Once they arrive to the kick – it, Niles becomes engaged in her music, while Emma ventures out and meets The Ganja Society.

PIPELINE (supporting cast) –  Mid twenties male.  He adds value to the story as a comedian.  He h as 7 kids with three different women.  He is a womanizer.  He has a kind heart and lives his life freely with no boundaries. When he first meets Emma he assumes she is Nile’s girlfriend.  He is envious of Niles as he has always dreamed of dating a corporate professional.  His objective was to loosen Emma by introducing her to weed and having a one night stand.  However after several conversations he see’s  a real human side to Emma and realizes she has struggles, fears and insecurities  just like any individual.   He realizes Emma has no street knowledge and is innocent to weed and the urban Oakland community.  At this point Pipeline’s objective  changes and he begins to protect and helps Emma understand her value  with or without employment.  He treats Emma as a friend rather than a sex object.

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