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Hershka Oshiro

female 18-34 yrs

copy, meal, and credit for this project.
we are currently seeking a lead female dramatic actress to play the role of a vlogger for a ghost hunting documentary at the lonely laguna bridge in fullerton california. this terrifying expedition will be shot on a friday afternoon on September 04, 2020 from 4:00PM until 8:00PM. We are looking for a female age 18 through 34 and in good physical health. Someone who is easy to work with and that can follow directions. An actress that can memorize lines would be very helpful. All ethnicity and looks are welcome as long as you can act naturally. This will also require some minor screaming.
The lonely laguna bridge has a very dark past. in the 1980’s a high school girl that lived in that area bought a prom dress but was disappointed when she found out that the guy she was dating dissed her and went to a prom with another girl. She was betrayed and with so much pain in her heart, she decided to end it all by hanging herself at this bridge where we will be filming at. Its the exact location. There are still times when screams are heard in this area and there were also reports that this girl is so vicious that some people can feel getting pushed or getting their hair pulled.

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