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Deborah Cristobal

various roles

Ghosts Along the Coast Open Casting
Auditions and show in Santa Barbara, CA
Nonunion – Volunteer
Hi All,
I’ve just been cast as Yuko, a Japanese picture bride (super cool since I am Japanese – 4th generation Yonsei) in a live performance of Ghosts Along the Coast written and directed by Kirk Martin.
This will be our Santa Barbara Premiere! Kirk has presented this show with different stories and casts for many years in Santa Paula.
Our ghosts were all real people who lived in Santa Barbara in the past.
The dates are:
Thursday, October 13;
Friday, October 14; and
Sunday, October 16
Venue – Ellings Park
We are still looking to cast:
2 males
1 African American female
Age is flexible.
We also need ghost guides who will take our audience on a ghost tour 4-5 times per evening. You will have a script to follow.
Guides can also be actors or people who are comfortable speaking to groups of 20-25 people.
Kirk wants to make this an annual show and changes ghosts/casts every year, so if you are a guide, it’s a good opportunity to work with Kirk and get to know him!
We also need set designers (very simple but elegant sets), a stage manager and a ticket sales person.
Currently these are all volunteer positions.

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