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  • August 7, 2021

Kara Larsen Lewis


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Do you love Halloween, teens and hearing people scream? 😱
Are you looking for a fun, cool and creative job? 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️
If so, then Glen Ray’s Field of Fright is looking for you!
We are hiring a Fright Director for our haunted corn maze. 👻🌽
The list of qualities, skills and responsibilities are listed at the link below.
If this is you,
*Serious inquiries only please. Thank you!

Fright Director Responsibilities

  • Begin immediately to help recruit cast members from prior cast lists, placing ads in local news outlets, businesses, making posts on Social Media sites, attending events and handing out cards, etc
  • Begin immediately to help create the Haunt Cast Incentive Program and Schedule and the computer programs and systems to implement it.
  • Begin immediately to help create and design the actual corn maze haunt, as well as storyline, characters, their positions, lines and costumes.
  • Begin immediately to help create an actor training program and a schedule for classes.

Once cast is hired and scheduled, and before Haunt opening, 

  • Get all paperwork signed and collected from actors.
  • Train and prepare actors before haunt opening and as they are hired, for their roles.
  • Orient the actors to the haunt, the haunt rules, regulations and all other haunt logistics

Once Haunt is open:

  • Confirm and remind actors of their scheduled nights and make sure they will be there.
  • Greet actors as they arrive, check them in and send them to costuming, make-up, etc.
  • Hold pre-show meeting for announcements, warm ups and pep-talk to get the actors ready and excited for the night.
  • Get actors positioned, rehearsed and ready at least 15 minutes before gate opening.
  • Through the haunt hours, make sure actors have sufficient water, snacks and scheduled bathroom breaks. (We provide water and snacks and hot chocolate and hand warmers for cold nights)
  • Monitor flow of traffic through the haunt and keep the haunt running smoothly and on time.
  • Close haunt and hold wrap up meetings with the cast at end of every show.
  • Wash, prepare and organize costumes and masks each night
  • Help plan the cast wrap party

After Haunt closes for the season:

  • Get all costumes cleaned, repaired and stored for next season
  • Help prepare for and have cast wrap party with awards and recognition
  • Turn in all paperwork, schedules, notes and follow-up suggestions for 2022

Required/Desired Character Traits of Haunt Director

  • Available through entire pre-season to post-season
  • Mature, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, organized and hard working
  • Loves working with people, especially young adults
  • Good communication and management skills
  • Good in stressful situations and/or under pressure, problem solver
  • Fun, outgoing personality

Compensation will be figured on estimated hours required for overall job and will be agreed upon between parties. 

If this is you and you are available and interested, please email Kara at [email protected]

Thanks! I can’t wait to meet you!  

*A resume and professional and/or personal references will be required


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