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Samantha Falk

multiple roles

GLOBAL CASTING CALL for feature film!! This film will be shot mainly in Atlanta (however we are seeking talent world wide for this project) and some scenes will be shot over seas. This is union.

Currently seeking actors for the below roles, please submit headshot (NO selfie photos will be accepted), resume, reel (if you have one), your contact number, city/state and country the role you are auditioning for.

Wallace (Adult) – A fighter of the racial injustice toward the freed slaves in Nashville. African American male must look around 25 years old.

Wallace (16 years old)

Susan – 40s Caucasian, executing agendas is this womans middle name. She is a well dressed fire cracker.

Queen Victoria – 60s Caucasian, reserved, elegant, and graceful. British accent.

Myron (age 5) – Son of the slave owner, he is daddy’s little helper with no issue putting the slaves in their place.

Cravath – 60s, Caucasian, AMA executive. Power and money hungry.

Julia – 30s African American. She is a mentor and a teacher.

Ella Sheppard – african american Mid 20s, choir instructor but hates to sing. She strives for perfection and will do whatever it takes to achieve success. Every day she is running from her past by keeping herself occupied with her choir. This role requires singing.

Ella (age 3)

Ella (age 14)

Sarah Sheppard – 30s, slave and other of Ella. A fighter when she needs to be but she also knows her place in the world.

BISHOP- 40s, Southern preacher and slave owner. Owns Sarah and Ella Sheppard, abusive toward son, Myron and always quick to put any slave in their place.

BENNIE HOLMES – 20s, African American, singer, sharp, politically savvy, but cripplingly insecure. This role requires singing.

COLT COLTON- 40s, African American, leader to Wallace and the other young black men confusing violence for activism.

AMERICA ROBINSON – 20s, African American, singer, gracious, elegant, maternal towards Ella. This role requires singing.

FRED LOUDIN – 20s, African American, singer a bitter, frustrated ladder-climber. And a resentful young husband; he ignores his proud wife and sons.

HAVELL- 30s, Caucasian snarky short painter. Has a bizarre foreign accent and strangely endearing.

HIRAM JACKSON- 40s, African American, prolific and an MLK in his day. When he speaks, the world pays attention

IKE- 20s, African American, singer, the other “twin” comedic relief but voice of reason when need be. This role requires singing.

MAGGIE- 20s, African American close friend of Ella Sheppard’s, choir member and well known as the “diva” of the group. Tortured by her past, she masks her pain with over the top confidence. This role requires singing.

MINNIE- 14, African American, singer, the youngest member of the choir. A baby-faced angel. Naïve and full of life. This role requires singing.

MYRON,- 20s, Caucasian, son of Bishop. Suffered years of abuse.

TOM RUTLING – 20s, African American, singer, the comedic relief for the choir, always joking with Ike also known as “the twins.” You won’t find one without the other. This role requires singing.

VETTER- 30s, Caucasian, he’s pretentious and excitedly anticipates the utter destruction of the Fisk singers.

JONAS STONE- 30S, African American, British journalist. Befriends the Fisk singers to further his own personal agenda

BLACKFOOTS- 20s- 30s, African American, males and females, snobby, famous quintet chorale group.

CUTIE PIES- 8-13 years old, open ethnicity- little girls who sing in a choir instructed by Ella. These roles require singing.

DR FREARS- 50s, Caucasian. The main doctor for the Fisk singers.

OWNER- 40s, female, Midwestern. All business no pleasure.

DUKE- 30s, Caucasian, British accent.

PRESIDENT GRANT- 40s, Caucasian, welcoming and hospitable toward Fisk singers.

FREDERICK DOUGLASS- 40S, African American, author and abolitionist.

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