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  • April 26, 2020

Michael W Green

multiple roles


God’s Tired Casting Call
(Short Film) Faith Based

A Dallas Pastor is looking for a way to bring the community together and with everything going on in the world today it seems to be harder and harder. One day the church door opens and 13 lives are changed forever

Pastor Jacobs: Male/Female (Ages 45-70) Any Ethnicity

Pastor Jacobs is well respected in the church and the community. Everyone comes to him/her to help figure out life. Pastor Jacobs has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences

Roni Davenport: Female (Ages 25-40) Any Ethnicity

Roni is the wife of Todd and she blames him for losing all their money but she thinks it was from gambling and woman. She fights with him constantly

Todd Davenport: Male (Ages 25-40) Any Ethnicity

Todd lost his business do to wrong investments so him and his wife had to move to the hood. The moved damaged his marriage but Todd is doing everything in his power to get them back on their feet

Shelia Cran : Female (Ages 25-40) Any Ethnicity

Shelia is a lesbian who can stand that people will not except her as a person and all they see is a female dressed like a man. She is the girlfriend of Mona and she

Mona Tros: Female (Ages 25-40) Hispanic or Any Ethnicity

Mona comes from a wealthy family and loves Shelia but she still hasn’t told her parents about her relationship with Shelia because she is afraid that they would cut her off and she would not receive any more money

Daryl Lean: Male (Ages 25-45) Any Ethnicity

Daryl is a great provider for his family and he loves his wife but he is too hard on his son Marcus. He is raising him to be tough like his father did him. He will go to any degree to get his point across no matter what the outcome

Tasha Lean: Female (Ages 25-45) Caucasian or Hispanic

Tasha is the wife of Daryl and she tries to be the light in the storm and she believes that if Daryl doesn’t ease up and try to be more of a Father instead of a drill Sargent he is going to lose his son

Marcus Lean: Male (Ages 10-16) Mixed or Any Ethnicity

Marcus used to be a good kid until one day everything changed now hes always in trouble he recently got jumped by a gang because he wouldn’t give up his new shoes. (Marcus was bullied for years before he decided to start fighting back)

Tiffany Jog: Female (Ages 10-16)(BULLY) Any Ethnicity
Tiffany is the neighborhood bully who lives to torment

Rena Jacks: Female (Ages 10-16)(BULLY) Any Ethnicity
Rena is the Leader and doesn’t care for anyone

Harry Luna: Male (Ages 10-16)(BULLY) Any Ethnicity
Harry is a semi-bully he doesn’t want to hurt anyone but is afraid of Tiffany and Todd

Todd Stream: Male (Ages 10-16)(BULLY) African American
Todd feels since his parents doesn’t care about him neither will


Timothy Lesson: Male (Ages 30-60) Any Ethnicity

Tim has cheated on every woman he has been with and it didn’t stop even when he got married to Tammy. Tim believes that there is nothing wrong with cheating

Tammy Lesson: Female (Ages 30-60) Any Ethnicity

Tammy is a God fearing woman who reads the bible religiously and lives by it. She knew what kind of man Timothy was but she felt by marrying him it would change him

Kim Tree: Female (Ages 30-60) Any Ethnicity

Kim is the other woman who also loves Timothy and will not let him go no matter what

David Moore: Male (Ages 25-60) Any Ethnicity

David is married to Daniel and is out for blood since Daniel was just beaten up do to a hate crime

Daniel Moore: Male (Ages 25-60) Any Ethnicity

Daniel keeps telling David that if he retaliates that will just make more trouble
Date: TBD
Place: DFW
Rate: No Pay… Meals & IMDB credits

Submit Headshot, Resume and demo reel if you have one to:

SUBJECT: Put name of Film/ Character name
Example: God’s Tired/ John Jackson

We are only excepting video submissions right now. You will receive the sides no later than Sunday 3/29/ 2020 and all the info you need to send in your submission

FYI: We will need strong actors for these roles because this film is about making a statement. So please only serious inquiries ONLY


How Actors Apply:

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