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multiple roles

Auditions for the UVU Platform Series of Stephan Schwartz’s hit “Godspell” will be held with the 2022 UVU Spring Season on October 4 and 5. Limited rehearsals will begin end of November with full rehearsals starting in February. Show dates are March 21-26, 2022. Please prepare a one minute song and one minute monologue in the style of the show. Casting preference will be given to current students at Utah Valley University. Character Descriptions are below.
Jesus (tenor)- Must be the most charismatic individual in the cast. High energy, charming, funny, gentle but with strength. He is the sort of person others instinctively follow. Tap dancing is a plus.
Judas/John the Baptist (baritone)- He is both Jesus’ lieutenant and most ardent disciple and the doubter who begins to question and rebel. Like Jesus, he is also charismatic, but in more of an overt revolutionary way. He is the most “serious” and intellectual of the group, though as with all the actors, he must still possess a good sense of physical comedy. Tap dancing is a plus.
Disciples- Eight other cast members with varying voice types who are excellent comedic actors who can sing. We are looking for individuals who bring creative collaboration to the table and who work well with others. Heavy dancing and singing. Tap dancing is a plus.
“A small group of people help Jesus Christ tell different parables by using a wide variety of games, storytelling techniques and a hefty dose of comic timing. An eclectic blend of songs, ranging in style from pop to vaudeville, is employed as the story of Jesus’ life dances across the stage. Dissolving hauntingly into the Last Supper and the Crucifixion, Jesus’ messages of kindness, tolerance and love come vibrantly to life.”

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