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Holly Marie Phillippe

looking for a variety of guests

If you would like to become a guest panelist for Imaginarium 2021, please fill in the form below. You can indicate whether you would like to participate in our In-Person Event at the Louisville Holiday Inn East, our Virtual Event, or both.

We are looking for a variety of guests, in all genres, including writers, editors, publishers, filmmakers, game designers, comic creators, artists, screenwriters, poets, musicians, and others.

Our staff will review all applications and if you are selected you will receive a direct invitation from our programming staff. Due to the volume of guest applications that we now receive, it may take some time to review and evaluate your application.

Regarding Spotlighted Guests and Panelists for 2021:

  • Spotlighted Guests receive 1 complimentary pass for their participation.  Discounted badges are available for assistants or significant others who would like full access to Imaginarium 2021’s programming, events, and activities.
  • Panelists receive $75 off on Event Tickets, with full access to the Imaginarium 2021 weekend for just $50 (normally $125).
  • Panelists and Spotlighted Guests must be available for activity on at least three days of the Imaginarium 2021 Convention week, July 9-11.
  • We ask that Panelists participate on a minimum of three panel sessions, or give a workshops.
  • Please do not apply if you are unsure of your schedule/availability for the Imaginarium 2021.  Accepted Panelists and Spotlighted Guests are promoted on the site and the list of accepted guests can have an effect on both programming planning and acceptance of new guests.  Only apply if you are sure you can attend if accepted. If you are employed, clear your availability with your employer prior to filling out this application. We understand emergency situations, but we expect you to participate if you are named a Spotlighted Guest or Panelist of Imaginarium 2021. We promote our Spotlighted Guests, Panelists, and programming extensively, and create graphics, banners and guest pages that take time, effort, and resources, and those who do not honor their commitment deny a slot to other potential Spotlighted Guests and Panelists and creates added challenges for our programming staff. So please do not apply unless you are firm in your intent to participate.

Thank you for your interest and please let us know if you have any questions at the email:

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