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Shannon Walden

Males and Females 16-65

Hi all! I am casting for a scripted series that will be posted on social media. These roles are unpaid but we will be providing meals, PPE, social media tagging, and IMDB credit. This is a non-union self-funded passion project. We will be filming in Southern NH July 7th -10th. I am looking for the following:
Braydon (supporting): looks 16-21, male He rules the school and is a total jock. He is known for being tough but that’s not how he really is. Deep down he cares about protecting his friends and girlfriend at all costs.
Jake (Supporting): looks 16-21, male, part of the popular kids. He is known for having the best house for parties. Although he may be the richest kid in town his parents still make him work part-time at a restaurant to keep him “grounded”. He is totally laid back and always down for a good time.
Mitchell (Supporting): looks 16-21, male, a high school senior, and part of the popular group. He is very flamboyant and always being a little too extra. He is always down for some juicy gossip but has his friend’s backs over everything else.
Principal (Day Player): looks 30-65, any gender, very strict. They care about their students but they always choose the tough love route. This role is only needed on July 8.

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