Honest Pint Theatre Company

BIPOC Males 35-40's

Honest Pint Theatre Company is seeking a BIPOC actor for the role of RODNEY in our upcoming production of SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS by BESS WOHL.
The show will rehearse in February and open March 18th and close on April 3rd. The show will be performed at PURE LIFE THEATRE in Raleigh. All artists will be compensated. RODNEY, mid-thirties – forties, ageless, fit, gorgeous, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and teaches yoga in New York and the Hamptons (in the summer). He is married to a woman named Nadine who also teaches yoga. Rodney and Nadine have had articles about them in various local yoga magazines and are designing a line of vegan bags, wallets, and jewelry together, made of a substance that looks exactly like real leather. Rodney wears lots of man-jewelry but he is pulling it off. Rodney met Nadine because she was his student. The truth is, Rodney has had sex with a bunch of his students over the years both before and after being married to Nadine. (Eighteen. But who’s counting. Certainly not Rodney.) In fact, he started his own yoga practice after being kicked out of one in the Bay Area due to sexual harassment. He pursues these women in part because once he has something, he never wants it anymore. He thought Nadine was different because she was extra-gorgeous and had that rich-person inaccessible thing that really got under his skin. Also, she had a trust fund which financed his East Coast yoga studio. Now he and Nadine have not had sex in three years.
When they try to talk about it, Nadine just bursts into tears and runs out of the room. Rodney thinks Nadine probably has some history of abuse in her past, which he is totally not responsible for and which, according to his therapist and his inner north star, he cannot take on. He has convinced himself that the kindest thing is to stay with Nadine, who is fragile, and satisfy his sexual urges on the side. The truth is, all of the sex with young nubile yogis is really about his panicky fear of aging and death. Nadine makes him feel trapped, and this reminds him he’s going to get old and die. His man jewelry does not include a wedding ring.

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