Dance Macabre Productions

Males and Females 18+

Saawn is a horror feature.
Message us here for sides to audition with. Please provide an email address to receive sides at.
All auditions will be video submissions.
Arnie Johnson: Man in his 50’s wearing a dress shirt, apron, dress pants. Arnie has a Halloween pin on his apron. He’s a crass old man who doesn’t like people not buying things in his cafe.
Ben Thompson: Late 20’s early 30’s something guy. Wearing a t shirt, jacket and jeans. Ben is a gear-head and really into cars. Casey and him have been dating since high school. He is very protective of her.
Dee Wallace: Female in her 50’s. Wearing dress casual attire. She is very nurturing and can be over bearing at times. She loves her daughter more than anything.
Deputy Jason Wallace: Man in his 50’s. Wearing a sheriff’s deputy uniform. Jason is a man who loves his job. A man who serves to protect all families not just his own.
Donald Kobb: Male mid 40’s. Donald is still wearing his delivery driver work clothes. Father of Jacob Kobb
Dr. Samuel Price: a distinguished gentlemen in his 50’s. Wearing dress clothes and a heavy coat. Price has been Jacob Kobb psychiatrist. For the last fifteen years. He is uneasy about Marion. Being the first meeting between her and his patient.
Eva Gantz: Woman is her 50’s or 60’s with crazy wild hair. She wrapped in several layers of old cloths. She is the town eccentric.
Giles Kory: A young man mid 20’s with short cropped hair. He wears a dress shirt and slacks. A bag is flung over his shoulder. A new employee of the Observer Gazette. This is his first interview with a murderer. He is nervous and anxious at the same time.
Judith Kobb: Female early 20’s with long flowing hair. She is wearing a witches costume. Older sister of Jacob Kobb
Karen Kobb: Female mid 40’s early 50’s. Wearing a queen costume. Returns from her company party. Mother of Judith and Jacob. Wife of Donald.
Linda Vandermort: The youngest girl of the group in her late twenties. Linda is the fun loving party girl. Often a source of trouble for the group. She is wearing jeans and a top with a light jacket.
Marion Chambers: Female mid 30’s. Wearing dress casual attire. Marion is the new case worker assigned to Jacob Kobb. This will be her first meeting with him. Marion hasn’t handle many cases dealing with criminal insane clients.
Paul Carns: Man is his 30’s wearing a sweater and jeans. He is Samatha’s boyfriend and works with Ben at a warehouse.
Rob Jones: Male early 20’s. Dirty with grease as all mechanics are. Wearing blue coveralls.
Samatha Lowell: A young woman in her 30’s. Whose dad sheriff. She has been Casey’s best friend for years. wearing jeans and a dress top.
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Tj Simms: A 30 something, country boy from Texas. Tj is up for anything which makes him and Linda a perfect match. Tj is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. A thin jacket is draped on the back of his chair.
Mason Wynn: older gentleman in his 50’s. Wearing a suit and has the air of authority. He is a stern man but an ass kisser. Following the whims of the hospital board.

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