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Mak Ralston

older gentleman for the "Grandpa" role

Good morning fellow storytellers,
Hope you’re doing awesome. My name’s Mak, and I’ll be directing/writing a horror short “The Phone to the Other Side”. Not only do I plan to submit this film to local (and national) contests, but I’ll be releasing it to my YouTube channel (with nearly 50k subscribers) just in time for Halloween (the best time of the year).
I’ll provide a copy of the script if you’re interested and “apply” below. Essentially, the story follows a young man as he discovers his Grandfather’s dark secrets, unsure of whether he has dementia (as suggested by his physician) or if paranormal activity exists in his home after receiving a most unusual phone…to which he (claims) can talk to his deceased wife, “Grandma”.
Right now, I’m mainly focused on finding an older gentleman for the “Grandpa” role, though anyone willing to play Grandma may also apply. I’ve cast the lead and other minor roles. However, the Grandpa has a good portion of screentime and is, in many ways, just as important as his grandson.
We were planning a two-day shoot next weekend (25th and 26th) at the DP’s home in Seminole, Florida. I can provide an address when we talk! Food will be provided and any other accommodations. While we of course want a fantastic piece by the end of it, I love the fun of filmmaking…so this is a relaxed shoot and can be very experimental if need be.
I very much appreciate your interest in the project, and I look forward to meeting/working with you. Always a treat to see experienced actors do their “thing”.
Respectfully yours,
Mak Ralston

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