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Contrelle Wright

looking for two actors(male and female)


I am the director of “How to keep a man happy”. I am looking for two actors(male and female) between the ages of 30-40. For the roles of a mother and father (Jamal: is a alcoholic that doesn’t know his limits. Due to his addiction he is never home with his family. He is abusive to women, he cheats, he is the husband that thinks money is everything. Jamal doesn’t really see the bad influence he has on his son life.

Felica: is a great mother, that tries her best. She had tommy at a young age. She has never really had the guidance Of anyone showing her how a woman should be treated. So because of this lack of guidance she looks for love in all the wrong places and excepts what is giving to her. Felica also battles with low self esteem). If you are interested please inbox me. Filming days will be 10/23-10/24. Food and beverages will be provided. This is a non paid job.

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