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  • October 18, 2020

‎Nathan Brown‎

talented person (around 20-30 years old)

Hello everyone. I am currently casting for a student experimental short film, and I am in need of a talented person (around 20-30 years old) to act in it. The film follows a man/woman’s experience as he/she sells his/her soul to the devil. The main character I am casting will have barely any on-camera dialogue, but will be required to show a lot of emotion on screen. There will also be a requirement of voice acting, as the story is told primarily through narration. Please send me a message if interested.
I am also looking for a tall, lengthy man to play the devil in the film. You won’t have any lines and your face won’t appear on screen, just your figure.
Finally, somewhere down the line, I will need a plethora of voice actors and actresses for the narration of this film. If that is your thing, please reach out to me as well.
***Locations are currently unknown, but will be centered around the Indianapolis area. We will be shooting the weekend of October 17 and 18.

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