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Production title: Back Road Part 2
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union/SAG
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Feature Film
Project format: 4K
Posted on: May 17th 2021
Production location: Northeastern Pennsylvania
Production Company: Happy Hill Productions
Director: Drew Pizzo
Producers: Drew Pizzo & David Ulinitz
Casting Director: Drew Pizzo
Audition Location: TBA
Shooting Dates: Summer 2021/Summer 2022
Shooting Location: Pennsylvania
Happy Hill Productions is proud to announce the sequel to the most infamous modern day horror film is currently in pre-production. The original Back Road has been banned around the world and film festivals refused to screen its “X Rated Cut”. Now we’re bringing forth the next chapter of this degenerate trilogy.
Official Synopsis:
Award Winning Filmmaker and Cinematographer Drew Pizzo returns to the world he created. Picking up in the moments after the events of the first film, Sheriff Nelson Gill and his deputies begin to investigate the Ray Family as they uncover what truly happened and their role in the animalistic massacre the night before. The bloodshed continues when an all new bunch of city folks come strolling in the country side looking for a good time.
Lead Characters
Haylee Smithers- female 18-30
Riley Farva- female, 18-30
Shelby Keene- 18-30
Brice Potter- male, 18-30
Nate Miller- male, 18-30
Sheriff Nelson Gill
Supporting Characters
Saxon Wilbor- male; open age/ethnicity
Kiana Ross-female; open age/ethnicity
Lenny Cronk- male; open age/ethnicity
Becca Dingle- female; open age/ethnicity
Travis Etherson- male; open age/ethnicity
Nikita Connelly- female; open age/ethnicity
Jordan Myers- male; open age/ethnicity
Stacey Gill- female; open age/ethnicity
Katie Gill- female; open age/ethnicity
Mayor Jesse Chamberlain- male; open age/ethnicity
Officer Rod Serling-male; open age/ethnicity
Officer Topny Fremont- male; open age/ethnicity
Zac Boon- male; open age/ethnicity
Wylan Theodore Ray-male; open age/ethnicity
Uncle Gary Ray- male; open age/ethnicity
Charlie Ray Jr.-male; open age/ethnicity
Spencer Flemington- male; open age/ethnicity
Rick- male; open age/ethnicity
Creep- male; open age/ethnicity
Gina Hicks- female; open age/ethnicity CNA
Keith Elliot- male: open age/ethnicity CNA
Timmy Fein- male; open age/ethnicity CNA
Tammy Windslow- female; open age/ethnicity CNA
Joe London- male; Bus Driver
Edwin McNear; male; open age/ethnicity
Stevie Beckman- male; open age/ethnicity
Jeffery Stroll-male; open age/ethnicity

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