Oliver Wiehe

Females 30-50's

Log Line: 2021: two weeks before the Covid Vaccine is approved. The daughter of Mob boss puts the squeeze on a junkie nurse to steal the vaccine for her father.
Hello Film Community: After 25 years of making movies with my students in a Middle School the time has come to work with Adults. My name is Oliver Wiehe, I’m 52, grey-haired, four kids and I want to make scenes that matter.
Looking for two female actors one in 30’s other in 50’s DM if interested – I can send you the script – 3 pages.
Looking for Camera OP – I have a sonya7c – experience with sony cameras is preferred.
Looking for Sound OP/boom pole – I have the equipment – if you have equipment that works with sonya7c let me know.
And in post-production, I need the effect of spit particles going from mouth to face – any After Effects experts
This project is fueled by passion and all participants will be paid in food, experience and a positive vibe and did I mention food!

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