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David Pierson

Males and Females 20-30

Seeking talent for an original story, “Dinner”, about two longtime friends reconnecting after years apart.
While the two are eager to remember who they were at their last meeting, they find it evident that they cannot escape the powers that have grown between them over a three-year span. They both
have much to confess as time and anxiety consumes the flames that they have held for each other.
We are seeking one male and one female actor for lead roles who can effectively convey emotion through their expressions of physical and mental nuance. These rolls will be awarded to actors who effectively convey tone and emotion through subtle expressions. We look for these actors to be in the age range of 20-30, for these rolls are about young people. One finding the time to explain her cancer and the other finding the time to confess his love.
The roles will be unpaid, but will offer a marketable, staple portfolio piece for all who participate in this with support from the Media Studies Facility at the University of Southern Maine. This film will be orchestrated with the intentions of being entered into New England Film festivals, and the production value will embody that of a larger motion picture while adhering to a minimalist’s budget.
Those selected for the roles will be expected to attend up to two full rehearsals and two days of filming. Non-union position.
Open auditions will be held remotely on the following dates:
Monday, March 7 at 10:00 AM Friday March 11 at 7:00 PM
If selected, actors can expect to participate in at least one “full” day of filming at to-be-determined date, sometime during March or April of 2022.
Callbacks will be held in person.

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