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  • Nashville, Tn
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The Nashville Public Library

Males and Females 18+

The Nashville Public Library is looking for voice actors to help with narration for a film project called “Truth Telling.” It is about the famous, public conflict between Ida B. Wells, journalist and activist against lynching in the United States, and Frances Willard, president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. In the late 1890s, these ladies fought a war of words in the international press over Willard’s lack of public support for Wells’ anti-lynching campaign. At the time, Willard was prominent in social reform circles but her work to expand the WCTU, especially in the South, caused her to make moral compromises and use language that was demeaning and incendiary. Wells called Willard’s moral leadership into question and demanded that Willard and the WCTU join her anti-lynching campaign. Under Willard’s leadership, the WCTU eventually passed resolutions opposing lynching, but Willard’s language and actions complicate her legacy. Voice actors are needed to read quotes from various individuals, to be edited into the film. It will be a quick gig; each actor will be needed for only about 10-15 minutes. Recording will take place in the studio at the Main Library downtown. There is no pay, but names will be listed in the “Thank You” portion of the credits at the end of the film.
Here are the voices/roles we will need:
– African American female – 3 actors
– African American male – 2 actors
– White American female – 2 actors
– White female w/British accent – 1 actor
Recording will done in September, and we will work around the schedules of the actors, based on their availability.

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