Rick Gregory

Males and Females 18+

Casting Call for extras for a small, personal video project
Project Type-Silent Video
Genre-Horror/Dark Feeling
Summary-An evil cult has abducted a young woman to perform their sacred ritual on her, will she survive or become their latest victim?
Location-Manchester Maryland
Date-Sunday, January 2nd 2021
Time-11:00AM-5:00PM, but if you can’t stay the whole time, that can be worked out as well
Union Type-Nonunion,
Compensation-final copy of the video for reel material and three head shots for each extra that will also be shot on the same day
IMDB Credit-None
Cult Members-Members of the cult who have no problem killing an innocent person for their crimes, no remorse whatsoever. “All roles are nonspeaking, and anyone is welcome to be a cult member, any age, heigh, gender, etc. However, anyone under eighteen years of age must have a parent/guardian with them when filming their interview, as well as signing a consent form
Covid Protocols-None really, but social distancing will be easy to keep when the scrip allows it

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