David Murray

Males and Females 18+

Hello I’m currently working on a INDEPENDENT superhero show.
It takes place in NYC .
I’m looking for volunteers who want to get their feet wet or have small part.
Currently looking for
7 people to play the main part of a scene
And a few bystanders. Not really a limit
Just a few things
1) this is NOT a paid event
2) some parts require excessive running, it’s a chase scene
3) you must be comfortable with light physical contact. This includes shoving, getting bumped really hard and a possible takedown.
4) I will have an on-site thermometer, masks will be provided, hand sanitizer, masks will be available as well. Also light refreshments will be provided I.e water bottles, packaged snacks, due to Covid
5) while the vaccine is still in questioned I am vaccinated but NOT opposed if you are against it.
Depends on the temp of the weather it will determine if we shoot
The scenes is either an alley way,
Location determined based on how easy it is for people to get there. I have 3 areas
Roles that I’m primarily focused on
4 thugs. Men or women
1 “boss” of the criminal gang
2- high end professional careers
There aren’t many lines the script is simple it is an action scene
Shoot date is SATURDAY January 29th.
Would love to have a zoom or virtual meeting with people

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