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Gillian Smith

various roles

LA – Cast Call!
I am producing an LA based production looking to cast the below roles! We plan to shoot in June or July (mostly a weekend shoot) and are looking to audition/meet with anyone interested the week of 1/17. BIPOC encouraged to submit. We are looking for volunteer time ONLY.
After a tragic accident, Romalie Stray is labeled a menace to society and is forced from her home to join an all-girls reform school to “regain her femininity.” Once there, she must rely on her rebellious spirit and the help of unlikely friends to make her escape from the male-run, sexist administration that runs her society.
ROMALIE (female, teens – MUST BE OVER 18)
A tough loner who doesn’t let other people’s expectations get in her way. Romalie constantly strives for the freedom to be herself and control her own destiny.
FRANCES (female, teens – MUST BE OVER 18)
A timid survivor accustomed to keeping her head down and persevering through hardship. Though she’s not one to speak out, Frances has a fighting spirit and never gives up hope.
GENEVIEVE (female, teens – MUST BE OVER 18)
A teacher’s pet who works within the system to come out ahead. She believes she can use her beauty and wit to outsmart her superiors and beat them at their own game.
HEADMASTER (male, 40s)
A corrupt narcissistic obsessed with exercising his authority over others. He has an inflated sense of his own intellect and importance, and he revels in his power over the girls at the school.
PRINCIPAL (male, 50s)
An oblivious alcoholic putting in time for a paycheck. Though he is not intentionally cruel, his indifference towards the suffering of the girls ultimately contributes to their hardships.

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