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Morgan Elliott

Males and Females 38-45

Hi all! I am a film student in the Boston area looking for a cast for my Senior Thesis film.
Film Title: Late
Synopsis: Two strangers meet in a graveyard only to discover they were mutual lovers to a man who is now deceased.
Filming Dates & Location: Nov 11-14th in the Cambridge & Boston-area
Non-Union & Unpaid student production, but food and water will be provided as well as footage for use in reels.
Leads: April: Female, 38-45
The grieving, newly-widowed wife of Peter. She discovers that her husband was bisexual and had a boyfriend named Adam in the past. She is a rather serious and skeptical woman who values her religious beliefs.
Adam: Male, 40-45
Peter’s boyfriend from college. While visiting his grave, Adam discovers that Peter went on to marry a woman. He is a kind and open-minded person who still thinks fondly of his ex-boyfriend.
Supporting: Peter: Male, 40-45
A caring and funny man with a habit of always running late. He is the husband of April and the ex-boyfriend of Adam. Peter is bisexual.

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