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Jerry Sweeting 50+

Jerry Sweeting 50+ is accused of murder. Jerry owns Club BriStaz, known for having the best female impersonator shows in the South. He has taken on the role of an extended father for a racially mixed group of 4 gay men and a young transgender person. Ms. Vera Banks (using Dominick Jackson’s voice) is Jerry’s best friend, and her witty tongue very lively and funny. Defense Attorney Brenda Payne is a Queen Latifah type of character.

The Trial of Jerry Sweeting is a drama/comedy (Dramedy) of a fictional gay man living in the South. Jerry has become the extended father for a racially mixed group of four gay men and a young transgender person, all live with him in his two-story six-bedroom house. The story originates around Jerry being accused of the murder of Jeremiah Collins, whose mother is a Christian Evangelist and has built her reputation on an anti-gay agenda.

Jerry Sweeting, aka Ms. Jerry, was one the fiercest female impersonators when he was a performer. Jerri has owned Club BriStaz Night Club (Brothers & Sisters from A-Z) for fifteen years and dedicated it to his late partner, Carl Robinson. Jerry and his mother have not spoken in years, but he has a healthy relationship with his brother, sister-in-law, and daughter.

Club BriStaz is legendary for hosting the hottest female and male impersonator shows. In contrast, hot women and men enjoy cheap but powerful drinks that make everybody look better at night and sick the following day. Elijah, one of Jerry’s sons, manages the Club. Jerry also operates his Couture Dress Shop, where he spends most of his time living out his passion for fashion.

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