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Little Theatre of Alexandria

Males and Females 18-59

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AUDITION CALL for the Little Theatre of Alexandria (LTA) One Act shows going up 18 and 19 August! Auditions for all NINE characters are from 11a-2p on Sunday, June 26 via Zoom (if you are unavailable, we may accept video auditions).
Characters at a Glance:
– Gold and Cocaine: 2 Males (18-26), 1 Male (35-55)
– The Freakiest Show: 1 Black Male-presenting (20-35), 1 white Female-presenting (20-30), 1 white Male-presenting (20-30)
– The Precious Scars: 1 Male-presenting (25-39), 1 Male (35-49), 1 Male in drag (20-59) (open to Female playing Male in drag))
LTA supports open and diverse casting. Any role notated as “male-presenting” or “female-presenting” can be played by an individual of any gender. If it is not, the role must be played by the specified gender due to script constraints. Unless otherwise specified, the roles will be cast without regard to race.
Show and character descriptions, audition information, and sides can be found at the link below. 

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