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Jack Corvus

multiple roles

Hi, my name is Jack Corvus. I’m an amateur filmmaker in the Central Indiana area. I’m working on a 30min short that I hope to turn into the pilot for a full short-form webseries, but I’m having trouble finding actors. Im currently just looking at the main 3 characters: the father, the son, and the son’s girlfriend. Ive already got someone playing the father (Lec Zorn) and I posted in IFN, which gave me plenty of people to possibly play the son, but I only got one person of the right age and look to play the “girlfriend”. The part is a college age woman (around 18-22) who is very much a free-spirit type. Rebellious, adventurous, however you want to describe it. For those interested, here is also a summary of the concept:

A father (Lec Zorn) has never really been a out-there guy, he’s spent his entire career working his way up the middle management ladder to provide a safe income for his kids. Unfortunately his dedication to his work began to eclipse his dedication to his family, leading to him losing his wife and developing a huge rift between him and his son to the point where they don’t really talk anymore. When the annual reports for his parent company come in during the holidays, the company decides to “cut the fat” so to speak, possibly leading to huge layoffs within the fathers department. Forced to confront his co-workers and the risk of them losing their livelihoods directly, he begins to see perspectives he never really saw before. However, his son also plans to come home for the holidays…. With his new girlfriend. This stresses out the father even more, especially when he learns the girlfriend is not exactly the person he’d want for his son. As he spend s more time with her however, he starts to see things her way and begins to understand her perspective on life aswell, leading him to question his own.

If any of the actresses in the range I described would like to add their name to the list, it would help me greatly. Thank you. And yes, I know this is the second post about this project on IFN. I’m also looking at actor specific pages, but they are empty right now.

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