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  • Indiana
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Alex Ayala

7-10 year old female, 15-17 year old female, 30-40 year old man

Looking for 2 actresses! and one actor!

1st – 7-10 year old female that can look like the picture provided. The role is a daughter playing with father for a music video storyline.

2nd – 15-17 year old female that is the older version of this character. She will be doing the same thing, but since time has gone on she is now taking care of her dad as he’s older and is now less able to do at home things.

3rd – 30-40 year old father that can resemble the child and act as a father figure and has the ability to look sick or fragile as time goes by. (weird ask lol)

This for a music video for Marrialle Sellars. We are looking to invest our time for practice so if you’d like to volunteer your time that would be great!

Thank you and if you have any question feel free to ask below!

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