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‎Chris Whitworth‎

4 actors and 2 actresses

I am looking for 4 actors and 2 actresses for an action hybrid movie next summer. The prospective talent must be the action movie type. I want to cast these roles now so we can develop the characters so that when filming starts in May, you’re ready to go! Are you familiar with a story called The Most Dangerous game? It’s probably one of the most adapted stories next to Charles Dicken’s Christmas story which is escaping me title-wise for some reason. In The Most Dangerous Game, a group of people, usually men, are brought to an island with the promise of money. The catch is, they are being hunted by rich people for sport. In my film, five people from hunting, military type of backgrounds are brought to an island by a man who will pay them a large sum of money to survive the island for 48 hours. Except, unlike The Most Dangerous Game, what is hunting these five people isn’t humans, it’s dinosaurs.

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