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Shawnda Robson Salazar

boy, brown hair, age 8-10

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a boy, brown hair, age 8-10 to play a scene in the film The Strongest Branch. He’d be playing my son, so we could possibly commute together, and I’m willing to work with the right kiddo on the part. My daughter, Syd, age 12, is filming a scene also. There are already quite a few Columbians going to Kansas City for this film (two weekends late July, early August-ish), so I’m looking to add one more kiddo. Please let me know if you want to work with me on the scene, and we can get it in to the director to see what he thinks. No experience necessary, I can coach ya! I look forward to working with you on this if you fit the role and are interested. Let me know if you know of anyone! Light and Love!  PM me for more info, or if interested.

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