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Jay De Silva




—Loveland, CO —
You can call me Mista Jay.
Raw Tongue Entertainment is a channel I started about 5 years ago and we have been running strong ever since. I have worked with many people, most who have gone their own ways, seeing as I’ve usually worked with people who I had randomly met and put in my videos and work rather than ever actually try to “OFFICIALLY” get a constant crew and actors together.
Well, that’s where this post comes in!
As you can see, I’ve posted over 30 pictures/posts/clips to show you some of the work that has been made through the last few years up until this day. I absolutely LIVE to entertain. So a little about myself;
Ever since I was a child, I LOVED to be creative and get people’s attention. I drew comics, did voices, and over time as I grew older, learned how to play drums (my main instrument) to guitar, bass, keys, you name it. I got into school for a bit learning about editing software, as it was a credit class I chose in high school. I learned how to film, what types of editing software you can use and what you can do with them, I learned how to record music with my band and made an album when I was 14, and I just knew then and there that when I was a kid, I said I was going to be an actor or a rockstar. Well, I was basically right.
I LIVE to write scripts/stories, film, direct, act, do voices, and edit it all even if it’s by myself (which I’ve done for 95% of my filmography.) I love to work with others, as well.
I am in DESPERATE NEED of some talented, free thinking, unbiased, deep thought-making actors and actresses. I have usually always worked well with the “actors” on my work, but they were not in the profession, I found them and asked.
This is not a paying job….. at THE TIME. YouTube has officially monetized my videos, however, due to lack of footage and videos, I have nothing to work with and the people I do/did have to work with – would rather be doing something else. So maybe you’re interested?? I can tell you this – every person that I’ve worked with is either still in contact with me or left on good terms.
So, here’s a little bit about what we have done, and what I like to do/plan to do.
I am a living, breathing character. Ever since I was 15, I’ve had the persona of The Joker. People think that I’m a cosplayer. Not exactly. People think that I try to be like Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix… Not exactly. People think I’m just “obsessed” with The Joker. Not exactly.
See, My beliefs and my personal character are very close to that of the Joker. I am my own person and I accept that it’s different but I choose to be different because it’s better than being another one of the sheep in the herd in my opinion. There’s a lot of us out there that are different. I accept that. And I respect that.
That being said; most of our work has been built around my own scripted universe of the Joker and Gotham… Batman, the characters… Etc. We wrote our own “Jokerverse”(as I call it) and every character has a different, more distinct and realistic world view. If you wish to watch these videos or even just check a few of them out, of course here is the link to the channel – YouTube.com/RawTongueEntertainment
Mind you, I don’t try to just be the only one running the show. I like to have a group cooperation running. With everyone on the same page and pitching in. Not only have we filmed just Joker and Gotham and Batman videos, but we’ve actually made short sketches with comedy. Similar to MadTV or Saturday Night Live. I also have done many live stream videos for PS4. I go live a lot. Funny sidenote, as you’ll see in the pictures down below, we have gotten to know the Loveland Police Department very well to the point where I actually have their personal number and they know me by name when we are out filming because of the props we use in such the last 3 years or so!
So, as I said earlier, this isn’t a paying job… Yet. That’s the whole goal. YouTube has modern ties the videos as I said, but we need to be able to reach enough subscribers and views to do that. And to do that, of course we must have videos with good quality and good actors. I believe you guys are out there… Maybe you’re reading this right now! This could be you!
We’re at 200 subscribers. This is after we have lost about 50 over the last two years because of either video release slowing down, or whatever their reason. But it is not hard at all to reach just about 800 subscribers and start making some money! Not only do I need actors and actresses, I need some crew members as well if ever you’re interested in being a cameraman or an editor, remember… I could always use people like that.
Needs –
– Able to have time to schedule for filming
– Transportation
– Experience is definitely preferred but not required of course
– A great ambition to have some FUN AND MAKE GREAT MATERIAL
– To be by your word – (if you say you’ll be somewhere at sometime, no backing out last minute)
Raw Tongue Entertainment works with real Mehron Liquid Latex, Prosthetics, Prop Guns/Weapons, Blood, Rigid Collodion, Makeup, Grease Paints, Face Paints (of course haha) and all sorts of Wigs, Suits, “Real” Outfits (not costumes) basic “True Originality.”
Please go over these and maybe even check out the channel!! I know that this is out of nowhere especially with what our country is going through right now, but I do believe that we can work around this. PLEASE MESSAGE ME!

Anyways, today is my birthday, (randomly I did not choose to do this on my birthday it just happened to be haha) so I’m gonna go get off and celebrate 25 years of life! Thank you all so much! I appreciate your time!! – Jay

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