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Justinas Stanislovaitis

need people to film themselves with their phones singing

We are looking for people to be featured in an upcoming Justin 3 music video for a song called “Holding on To Heaven”. This is a non paid thing, pure collaboration 1f642 - CallBoard

The idea is pretty simple, we have an uplifting song and we would like to inspire people to be happy, as simple as that. For that we need people to film themselves with their phones singing our song (We will be using only video, so no worries if You are not a perfect singer, even better if You are, than we might consider using some snippets of Your sound too 1f642 - CallBoard ) and write what is happiness to You.

Also film yourself in one short sentence explaining what is happiness to You.

I can provide all the information by email, just contact me by private message or just comment on this post that You would like to participate, I will than send You the song and the lyrics 1f642 - CallBoard

You will all be in the titles and of course we will promote the post where we will list all the participants so, I really hope we can make a nice and inspiring video together 1f642 - CallBoard

Wishing all the best to all of You 1f642 - CallBoard

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