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Beyond Entertainment

12 teens from around the globe

peace - CallBoard

Beyond Entertainment is looking for talent for a virtual read-thru for our new teen adventure comedy film script “WORLD PEACE”

“They don’t have Super Powers to save the planet, just Stereotypes!”

On a summit for advanced students, 12 teens from around the globe must work together to overcome their differences and stop an evil scientist from expediting climate change and threatening their native homes!

Monique (17) French model
Raaj (17) Indian Computer Geek
ZtuSoo (17) South Korean K-Pop Star
Marco (16) Italian Chef
Maria (16) Spanish Bull Fighter
Cooper (17) Australian Outback Survivalist
Angel (15) Chinese Math Genius
Paulo (16) Brazilian Soccer Icon
Anastasia (17) Russian Astro-Physicist
Ethan (17) American Inventor/Entreprenuer
Kelvin (16) Kenya- Fastest Teen on Earth
Wencke (16) German Engineering Prodigy
Climanger- male (45) Evil Scientist
Hunfera- male (28) Assistant to Climanger

If you have the Zoom App and can do accents for one of the characters above, please message us and we’ll get you hooked up to be part of the First Act Read Thru at Noon on Saturday, May 23rd. This helps the screenplay writer to hear the lines acted out and correct character and plot flow! Any age is welcome to read no matter the character age.

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