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Zach Purcell

2 VO Actors

Hi All,

I’m looking for two voice actors with professional-ish recording gear to play a small voice role near the opening of the film.

It’s taken 2.5 years, but I’m just wrapping up my first short film (photos attached).

The initial premise had been about the first team of scientists trying to travel back in time, but when they get out of the machine they realize they’ve accidentally frozen time.

By the time it got made the premise had changed somewhat, so now it deals with hitmen “launching” into frozen time to do their work. It’s 11 minutes and has quite a complicated backstory so I’m trying to clear up some of it with little snippets here and there.

One of the new “scenes” is a radio chatter moment. Right before one of our leads launches on his next mission he has a quick discussion with two radio operators from base.

It will be played over CGI shots of the time machine—you can see some of the CGI I’ve been drafting in the photos attached.

Normally I’d go through a regular audition process, but with COVID and considering these parts only have 1 or 2 lines I thought why not cut the chase.

If you’re interested please send your take on one or both of the radio operators to

Here’s the script for this scene:

Radio Op #1: Hold up, LT. Thomas, records is reporting a missing camera. You know anything about this? Over.
Lead actor: No sir, and you’re making me late, the real men have work to do. Over.
Radio Op #1: Someone’s a little saucy today. Alright, well we had to ask. Mission 793 is cleared. Over.
Radio Op #2: Confirmed. Lt. Thomas, you’re launching in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Creative direction: Think NASA launch team

The final two selected will get film credit and a $10 thank you gift card (I realize it’s not much, but the film went ~1.5K over budget and I this point I just gotta get this thing done)

I realize this is unusual, and I hope the dismal compensation isn’t offensive for the ask. Looking forward to hearing the takes!

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