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Updated casting call
Lost But Found
I have teamed up with Gary Bell of Miller Media LLC to create this trilogy.
It’s about an ex-Boston police cop (Blake Doyle) now PI. He’s about to kill himself then his phone rings. It’s a man looking to hire him to find his missing wife. Blake has a moment to see he still has a purpose and then the story begins.
Nonunion feature for copy/credit. This will be filmed in the antelope valley of LA. This is set up for a trilogy. 
Here is a list of available roles:
Wyatt Greeneopen ethnicity 30’s to 40’s bartender and works for Ginatti.. a southern scruffy looking guy 2 scenes.
Supporting role…Mac…right hand man to Ginatti…open to ethnicity but built and mean looking. Mid to late 30’s if early 40’s.
Supporting role…Henerey Cole….open ethnicity…head of interstate transportation in his 50’s or beyond.
Supporting role…Senator Kaneopen ethnicity politician type with white or gray hair. 40’s or beyond
Supporting role Special Agent Torres.. corrupt police working for Henerey Cole open ethnicity and gender age late 20’s and beyond
Supporting role Special Agent Jones.. corrupt police working for Henerey Cole open ethnicity age late 20’s and beyond
Day player…Russo.. collection guy for the mob. Must be rough looking open ethnicity and age 30’s and above
Covid compliance will be assessed once filming is about to begin as we all know it changes daily.

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